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"It is fun to have the memory of walking into your classroom with the kids sitting around you on the floor breathing in positive self-care and healing."

-Karen A Para in a Brain Awakes Classroom

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"Brain Awakes helps children develop an awareness of their own mental processes so that they may succeed academically and develop prosocial skills, such as empathy, compassion, and patience. Brain Awakes is a much-needed reference for elementary school teachers. It isn’t another program or curriculum to teach, but a set of activities that can easily be integrated into the school day. The strategies in Brain Awakes will help students become more focused when completing schoolwork and enhance social connectedness."

-Tracy Daniel PhD  Child Psychologist

Our Mission
Children in Yoga Class
Our Mission

Brain Awakes strives to empower children with the ability to recognize and regulate their emotions, to strengthen social-emotional skills needed for life and learning,  and to cultivate a more compassionate community.

We believe in creating a brighter tomorrow for our youth inside and out.  Beginning with the development of inner-understanding and empathy for others, Brain Awakes then moves towards relationships in the community, problem solving, and accepting differences.  Furthermore, Brain Awakes instills a growth mindset in our children so that they may conquer their goals through optimism, motivation, focus, and perseverance.

Our shared devotion to this mission will yield a needed sense of awareness while inspiring a more compassionate and connected community-one activity at a time.

Our Books
Our Books

To empower our children through captivating narrative, Brain Awakes is working on a fictional series to strengthen the understanding of social-emotional skills. Do you have an idea for a fictional piece that could empower our children? REACH OUT.

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In the Works

Brain Awakes

Our mission is to empower as many teachers, parents, and children as possible.  We are always looking ahead to creating more high-quality articles, posts, books, or resources.  Want to collaborate on a nonfiction piece? REACH OUT.

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Coming Soon

About the Authors
Inspiring children to become aware of their greatest potential is why Joseph chose the path of an educator.  To further his impact, Joseph is pursuing a master's degree in administration from Emporia State University. Mr. Hamer is known by his colleagues for creating a safe and uplifting environment for his students to continuously learn and grow. After beginning his own journey of awareness in 2017, Joseph started teaching his students how to monitor and manage their emotions using mindfulness. The activities made such an incredible impact on his classroom community each year that he knew he needed to enlighten other teachers and parents.  Thus, he began his career as an author and published Brain Awakes: Empowering Children Through Breath, Balance, and Reflection.
After noticing the need for fidget spinners, brain breaks, and flexible seating to encourage self-regulation, Hayley sought to understand a better way. A combination of mindfulness in the elementary classroom and education in the yoga studio created a playground for Hayley to answer the big question: “What is the correlation between emotional awareness and one’s ability to learn?” While teaching and observing children over time, Hayley encouraged them to observe all the tools they already had within themselves to overcome challenges both big and small. Hayley currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she completed her Master’s in Business with a special focus in social responsibility. She teaches mindfulness to all ages, and is inspired by children as they open their highest potential by developing a relationship within their inner environment. With her first book, Brain Awakes, now published, she will continue a devotion towards lifelong learning that’s rooted in self inquiry.
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