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If you get on the train, ride it well.

Education is a world that strives to best serve the young minds in our communities. It's our calling to teach, and many of us spend uncontracted hours researching and studying the best ways to do this. We sit in on professional development sessions, we read books, we follow blogs or hashtags, and we even conduct our own trial and error research.

Today, I write to quiet the negative voices that call out against the rising tide. Don't be afraid of jumping on a train because everyone else is, but do be cautious.

If you learn about a practice, routine, or philosophy that excites you and motivates you to be your best, follow it! Read and research the route, study what it takes to be successful, and learn the potential impacts. If you're still intrigued, buy your ticket and jump on the train.

When you board, don't hang on the outside of train. Those are the people who flail their arms for all to see but inevitably fall off. Their stories help critics claim fad and scare others from joining.

Once you grab your seat, mingle with those around you. Connect with others. Share the issues that you run into and the celebrations that you find. Know that there will be struggles with your implementation. Remind yourself that the destination, the goal, the reason you've stepped on the train will come towards the end of the journey.

In no way am I encouraging you to go all in on every new practice, program, or philosophy you hear. I'm simply encouraging you to give yourself permission to try something new. When your heart is tugging for you to improve and do better for your students, get on the train, but ride it well.

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